Eastern Oregon
Mediation Center

About Our Mediation Services

Mediation is a practical, informal method of resolving a dispute in which a trained mediator helps disputing parties discuss their concerns and, if possible, reach a voluntary agreement.
Mediators do not take sides or make arbitrary decisions. Instead, the mediator encourages communication between the parties, and assists them in working together to find resolution for their conflict.
Mediation Meeting

Community Mediation Services

Our highly trained mediators can mediate a variety of disputes. These include:
Neighborhood disputes such as barking dogs, parking, noise, and vandalism.
Family disputes such as parent/teen, elderly parents/children, and property division.
Workplace and customer service disputes
Landlord/Tenant disputes
School/Teacher disputes
Disputes concerning debt
Juvenile crime and social issues

Court-Connected Mediation Services

Eastern Oregon Mediation Center has a collaborative relationship with the Union County Circuit Court.
There is no cost associated with small claims mediation services.
Our mediators volunteer each month to mediate small claims cases filed with the court.
Each small claim filed in Union County Circuit Court is given the option of mediating the dispute in order to avoid court-ordered judgments and fees.
Legal Meeting

Oregon Housing and Community Services

- Marine & Manufactured Communities Resource Center

EOMC has partnered with the Manufactured Communities Resource Center (MCRC) to provide mediation services for landlords and tenants of Manufactured Communities in Union County. A Manufactured Community is a community in which four or more mobile homes are tenant owned and the physical space is rented from a landlord.
Types of disputes mediated through this collaboration are:
Manufactured Home